Bathroom An Utter Mess? These Can Help

Golden rule: Your home bathroom should never look worse than a gas station bathroom.

1. Admit It: This Is Your Life

Full disclosure: It's our life too. But just because all of our bathrooms look like this doesn't mean it should. We're kinda, sorta grown up, right? Our bathroom game should be a little better than this.

Well, now it can be. These killer gadgets will turn your bathroom from a, "Wow, this person is a hot mess, to "Damn, they definitely got their ish together." And here's how...

2. Swing Arm Towel Bars

If you've got a family or roommates, that means you've got a lot of towels in your bathroom, which really means you've got a lot of damp towels hung over the shower rod or, worse, on the floor. This swing arm towel bar keeps each person's towel in their proper place and, more importantly, keeps them dry. No more fighting over the last towel. [Yeah, I'm talking to you, Todd. You are the worst.]

Get it HERE.

3. Silicone Bathroom Organizer

Have a bathroom counter that's just covered in...stuff? Pretty annoying, right? But you need all that stuff readily available to you. Well, put your bathroom stuff in this bathroom organizer and your bathroom counter will be...well...stuff-free.

Find it HERE.

4. Wall-Mounted Hair Dryer Holder

Okay, you need your hairdryer. That is just a given. What you don't need is digging it out of the drawer where it gets tangled with all the other crap in there. Get this hairdryer holder so you never have to deal with that nonsense again and you can also focus on the more important things...

Like blowing that hair out.

Find one HERE.

5. Multipurpose Stick N' Clip Cabinet Organizer

Do you have all of your toiletries all shoved into a drawer, completely unorganized and barely used? It's okay, so did we (DID). That's because you don't have this Multipurpose Stick N' Clip Cabinet Organizer. It keeps everything within reach without making your bathroom counter look like a tornado went through it. A place for everything and everything for a place. 

Find them HERE.

6. Toothbrush Holder Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser


That's how we all feel when we see drops off toothpaste everywhere and random toothbrushes strewn all willy nilly on the bathroom counter. This toothbrush holder not only holds your toothbrush (duh), it will actually properly dispense your toothpaste (double duh). Cause nothing says more that you are living your best life than a toothbrush/toothpaste-free bathroom counter.

Find one HERE.

7. Rotation Storage Box

Sure, extra storage organizers are cool, but you know what's cooler than being cool? Well, if you quoted Outkast* just now, you're wrong. What's cooler is a storage rack that rotates so you can actually see what you have at hand instead of pulling everything out to find what you're looking for. Now that's cool.

* ice cold

Get yours HERE.

8. Transparent Suction Cup Wall Hooks Hanger

So you hang a hook on to your shower wall that "says" it won't slide off, then you hang your loofah on it and watch the hook slowly descend the tiled wall and your heart dies as it eventually hits the shower floor. (None of that is an exaggeration. None of it.)

These suction cup hangers can attach on to glass, ceramic brick, stainless steel, smooth metal, and can hold a lot of weight. I mean, look at that guy dressed like a mime. He ain't sliding nowhere!

Grab one HERE.

9. Memory Foam Bathroom Mat

Let's guess what's on your bathroom floor, okay? It's probably a thin, threadbare bath mat, or worse, just a towel you threw down because adulting is hard. This memory foam mat is super soft and super comfy. More importantly, it won't slip like that thing you call a bath mat does every time you step out of the shower.

Get it HERE.

10. LED Shower Thermometer

Nothing's worse than jumping into a shower that is way too cold. (Actually, jumping into a shower that's way too hot is pretty high up there on the awfulness scale as well.) With its revolutionary LED digital display, this shower thermometer gives you an accurate temperature read on your water. Quick to install and requiring no other tools, this little gadget eliminates the guessing of how hot or cold your shower is (cause either way, you are probably guessing wrong).

Find one HERE.

11. Beard Trimming Apron

Beards are cool. Beard trimmings all over your sink? Not so much. This beard trimming apron catches all those little hairs so you don't have to clean up, leaving extra time for you and your beard to go drink artisanal IPAs.

Grab one HERE.

12. Motion Active Toilet Bowl Light

Ok, we're all adults here. And as adults, at some point in the night we're gonna have to get up and pee. But you don't wanna turn on the lights and wake yourself up even more than you already are. Get one of these Motion Active Toilet Bowl Light Sensors. That way you can pee in a really groovy light while still half-asleep. Win win.

Get it HERE.

13. Silicone Drain Stopper

This silicone, two-in-one drain stopper:

1) can keep your hair from going down the drain.

2) can stop water from going down the drain.

3) can do your taxes.

Okay, that last one was a stretch, but if you need an easier way to clean, two out of three ain't bad.

Find one HERE.

14. Bathtub Hair Catcher

My mom always told me, "Solve the problem before it becomes a problem." (She also told me, "Stop slouching, it makes you look fat," but that's a whole other story for my therapist.) This bathtub hair catcher traps all those loose hairs before things become a real problem in your bathroom. See, Mom, I do listen to you!

Get yours HERE.

15. Anti-Gravity iPhone Case

Having two hands is a big reason we're better than most animals. (Well, accept dogs...nobody beats dogs.) But the invention of smartphones seems to have put us at a one-handed disadvantage. The case's nano-suction allows your phone to stick to almost any flat surface: glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, in your vehicle and much more. It allows you to get done what you need to get done while still feeding that smartphone fix we all crave, need, and deserve.

Actually holding your phone? Come on, we've gone beyond that.

Get yours HERE.

16. Microfiber Bath Hair Towel

So now that your bathroom is all done up, time to do yourself up. This quick-dry bath towel is the perfect way to keep your hair up and dry while you go through all the other endless routines you have just to get ready for the day. (Don't bother counting them. Just know that there are A LOT.)

Get it HERE.

17. Polaroid- Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

Nothing wrong with adding a little fun to your bathroom. And this Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder definitely looks better than your regular old toilet paper roll which looks like...well...your regular old toilet paper roll. Guys, it's okay to laugh in the long as you're not laughing at yourself.

Grab yours HERE.

18. Sudoku Puzzle Toilet Roll

Sure this may not make your bathroom better, but it will make your bathroom experience better...

Sometimes — okay, a lot of times — we are on the toilet for quite awhile. And sure, scrolling through FB on your phone is a perfectly acceptable way to kill time while you...uh...finish your about exercising your brain instead? Get this Sudoku toilet roll that gives you a challenging puzzle to solve on each sheet. And if you mess up, no worries. Know why?

Cause you know where it's eventually going to end up, anyway.

Find it HERE.


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