Sparkler Art

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We were able to do this in art class in High School many, many, many moons ago. It takes a little bit of trial and error but this is what you will need to do it:

- sheet of birch plywood
- small can of regular white interior paint
- Sparklers
- Spray bottle of 1 lemons worth of juice mixed with water
- And a printer to print out stencils. (I guess scissors or an exacto knife help here)

Then just paint the board white (or whatever color you want) let it dry. Print and cut out your stencils and put them on the board. Spray the lemon water mixture over the stencils on the board, hopefully making them lay flat against the board. You want enough water to get them to stick, but not so much that you have puddles on the board. Let the board dry about 5 minutes, then place your lit sparklers where you want them to be. It will take some trial and error for the water amount.

The branches are just extra straight up lemon juice painted on with a paintbrush.

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Disclaimer - Please be safe! If you try to do it please do it outside, we take no responsibility for any damage this causes.

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